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Although logic, symbol of rationality, may appear as
opposed to religion, both have a long history of
cooperation. Philosophical theology, ranging from
Anselm to Gödel, has provided many famous proofs for
the existence of God. On the other side, many
atheologians, such as Hume, for example, have
developed powerful arguments meant to disproof God’s
existence. These arguments have been scrutinized and
developed in many interesting ways by twentieth
century analytic philosophy of religion. Moreover, in the
Bible the logos is assimilated to God, which has been
reflected in western philosophy in different ways by
philosophers such as Leibniz and Hegel. Other religions,
such as Buddhism, Islam and many hindu orthodox
schools such as Nyaya and Vedanta are strongly
connected to reasoning. Despite of this, it seems that
as an academic research field the area of logic and
religion has still to be consolidated. The aim of the
World Congress on Logic and Religion is to fill in his gap,
providing a place where logicians from all fields, as well
as theologians from all religions, can get together to
hear from each other on the late developments on the
relations between logic and religion.
1st World Congress on Logic and Religion
O 1º Colóquio de Estudos sobre Hinduísmo e Vaishnavismo, do qual o Prof. Ricardo Silvestre foi o principal
idealizador e organizador, aconteceu na Universidade Federal de Campina Grande entre os dias 17 e 20 de
Março de 2015 e foi o primeiro evento do Brasil a focar na temática do vaishnavismo e suas conexões com o
hinduísmo. O objetivo principal do evento foi propiciar um ambiente no qual ideias e avanços na área de
estudos sobre vaishnavismo e hinduísmo possam ser compartilhadas.  O evento contou em seu comitê
científico com professores e pesquisadores brasileiros e estrangeiros, e teve como palestrantes convidados
pesquisadores de renome nacional e internacional. O evento contou com chamada para apresentação de
trabalhos e mini-cursos.
Colóquio de Estudos sobre Hinduísmo e Vaishnavismo
The 1st World Congress on Logic and Religion, of which Prof. Ricardo Silvestre was (along with Prof.
Jean-Yves Beziau) the co-chair and main idealizer, took place in João Pessoa, Brazil, from 1st to 5th April
2015, and gather together almost 200 professors and researchers from several parts of the world to discuss
the late developments on Logic and Religion.
2nd World Congress on Logic and Religion
The 2nd World Congress on Logic and Religion was held at the University of Warsaw (Poland) on June 18-22,
2017, the institutional organiser being the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Warsaw (Instytut
Filozofii, Uniwersytet Warszawski). The 1st World Congress on Logic and Religion was organized jointly by
the Federal University of Campina Grande, the Federal University of Paraiba and the University of Brazil in
João Pessoa, and held on April 1-5, 2015. It was devoted to a wide range of problems concerning the
relations between logic and religion. At the conclusion of the congress, many participants expressed the
wish to continue discussions on these topics in the future and also warmly welcomed the idea to organize
such an event in Poland, which can be called a country of logic and religion thanks to both the tradition of
Lvov-Warsaw School of logic and a considerable level of religiosity.